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2 months ago  

Beautiful community! Ton's of natural light, great food, and very impressive activity program. They also had the kindest staff. Maria was a gem of a person and super helpful with all of my questions!

Connor MacLennan

2 years ago  

I have been working for Peregrine for a little over 5 months at this time and I have to say that I LOVE working for such a facility . The staff that I work with is amazing, everyone i work with are team players. Of course we have days that not all is grand but I believe that you get that every where .The residents we provide care for can be a bit hard to help but that does not make Peregrine or the people who live there bad. Residents family members are very easy to talk with and are very helpful with helping us help their loved one.. I am Thankful everyday i go to work not only do I look forward to seeing the resident I am grateful for the way I feel after I have made someone smile I like money but my favorite pay is a smile and a simple Thank you, Patricia Roberts

roland roberts

2 years ago  

This is a wonderful facility and most staff truly care about your loved ones. As with anything in life become truly informed about what they offer and what “end of life care” means. My father was there just about a year. His care was I thought very good. He, which is most important to a dementia resident was very happy there.

Susan Kimball Dettor

2 years ago  

Jessica Frank

2 years ago  

They have an enhanced license which means they can provide a higher level of care than an assisted living facility. Also, the staff receive more training and therefore can manage a wider range of behaviors. The residents have much more freedom than in lockdown memory care units.

Lisa Procanick

2 years ago  

A most beautiful Community with a very caring and vibrant culture and compassionate staff.

Louis F

3 years ago  

Jean Shenandoah

3 years ago  

Looking forward to having this in the Syracuse and Onondaga Hills area

Peter Brissette

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